On CD, Gordon's songs are featured on major labels like Universal, Warner Brothers, Sony and EMI.  Gordon's had a song released in Russia, the largest country in the world, that became the 2nd biggest hit of the year there, as well as songs recorded by the winner of "Pop Idol" (Europe). He's also had many platinum and gold records around the world (Australia, Finland, and Greece, to name a few.) Gordon's had a song in a major European event often called "the Olympics For Songwriters" -  Eurovision,  representing the Czech Republic (where it was a top 5 hit) and heard and seen by over 400 million people across Europe and Australia. It's very rare for an American composer to have a song represented in this prestigious event. Gordon's songs have also been featured in many Disney releases --  films, TV shows, CDs and DVDs, and he's had a top 10 hit on the U.S. Christian singles chart with sister group Aurora and another by Award Winning artist Natalie Grant. In the past few years, he's signed publishing deals with EMI Music, Universal Music and Warner Chappell Music. For a more detailed list of TV/Film/CD credits, CLICK HERE.
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L.A. songwriter Gordon Pogoda has had worldwide success in all aspects of the music business. In film, Gordon's credits include two songs featured in the Academy Award winning motion picture "Little Miss Sunshine", the top 10 movie "Begin Again" starring Adam Levine & Cee-Lo Green, the top 5 film "Josie and the Pussycats", a film starring Justin Timberlake & Britney Spears, a Disney movie and many others. He's had a song performed by SELENA GOMEZ, featured in MILEY CYRUS's "Hannah Montana" three times - and songs in over 120 TV shows, like "Sex and the City", "American Idol", "The Voice", "CSI: Miami", "Medium", "ER", "Will & Grace", "Nurse Jackie", "Twilight Zone", "King Of The Hill", "Everwood" and many of Disney's biggest TV shows.
If Cupid Had a Heart is featured in Hannah Montana:
film "Long Shot", the Showtime series "Big Love", the movie "Girl Like Me", and others. In "Hannah Montana", the song was performed by teen superstar Selena Gomez, and as a result, the song is quite well known among the teenage crowd.

Gordon Pogoda has written songs with some of the most respected contemporary writers, producers and artists in the business including Cutfather (producer for CHRISTINA AGUILERA, MARY J. BLIGE), Wayne Hector (hit writer for ONE DIRECTION, NICKI MINAJ, CHRISTINA AGUILERA, CARRIE UNDERWOOD), Peter Wallevik (ONE DIRECTION, DEMI LOVATO), Kasia "KC" Livingston (FLO RIDA, BRITNEY SPEARS, JESSIE J, WHITNEY HOUSTON's final album),  Lindsey Ray (DEMI LOVATO, MARIAH CAREY), Shanell Red (CHRIS BROWN, DESTINY'S CHILD), Tommy Gee (ONE DIRECTION), Marti Frederiksen (MILEY CYRUS, CARRIE UNDERWOOD, DAUGHTRY), Steve "Babyboy" Brown (CHRISTINA AGUILERA), Jeremy Monroe & Georgette Franklin (JENNIFER LOPEZ), and Marco Marinangeli (MILEY CYRUS).  His songwriting has also attracted co-writes with some of the world's most classic songwriters of all time: Albert Hammond (WHITNEY HOUSTON, CELINE DION), John Bettis (MADONNA, WHITNEY HOUSTON, MICHAEL JACKSON, CARPENTERS), Dennis Morgan (FAITH HILL, ROD STEWART, ARETHA FRANKLIN, GEORGE MICHAEL), Allan Rich (WHITNEY HOUSTON, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE), Michael Jay (EMINEM, CELINE DION), Dan Hill (BRITNEY SPEARS, CELINE DION), Jason Blume (BRITNEY SPEARS, BACKSTREET BOYS), Ken Hirsch (CELINE DION, MARY J. BLIGE), Denise Rich (CELINE DION, JENNIFER LOPEZ, MARY J. BLIGE), Vince Degiorgio ('N SYNC), Richard Kerr (DIONNE WARWICK), Jeff Silbar (Grammy winning writer of “WIND BENEATH MY WINGS”), Grammy Award winning artists MELISSA MANCHESTER, TAYLOR DAYNE and many others.

Dream Management says, "Gordon's songs provide universal, everlasting melodies and concepts that captivate and appeal to the pop audience. His songs have catchy melodies and lyrics that are fresh and unique, with a modern-day feel. We believe Gordon Pogoda will be the next big writer with timeless melodies that people of all ages love and relate to."
Gordon's most successful song in the U.S. so far is "If Cupid Had a Heart". The song has been featured in 17 popular films & Television shows, including "Hannah Montana", the Oscar-winning motion picture "Little Miss Sunshine", a Lindsay Lohan movie, the TV shows "King of the Hill", "Grosse Pointe", "Popstars", "Maybe It's Me", "The Facts of Life Reunion" movie, the

Most recently, the album "GORDON POGODA SONGS: THE INDIE POP COLLECTION was released. This is a collection of acoustic-based pop songs, co-written with (and sung by) indie pop artists from Los Angeles, Nashville, Philadelphia, London, Denmark, Australia and beyond. The songs have been featured in motion pictures, television shows (including "The Voice") and TV commercials.

First was Julie Griffin's "If Cupid Had a Heart" album, then a second album
of all-Gordon songs was released, "GORDON POGODA SONGS FROM FILM & TV":
"If Cupid Had a Heart" by Julie Griffin (the song from "Hannah Montana") is available on iTunes, Amazon mp3, Rhapsody and other music download sites. If you wish to have the REAL, full version of "If Cupid Had a Heart" - with vocals on the intro - these are the only places to get it. The song has been featured in several episodes of "Hannah Montana" (as well as the Oscar-winning film "Little Miss Sunshine"). Click on the following links to listen or purchase:
Girl Attack is featured in Sex & The City:
Dancing in the Driver's Seat & If Cupid Had a Heart are featured in Little Miss Sunshine:

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Little Miss Sunshine
Hannah Montana
Sex & the City
CSI: Miami
Will & Grace
Gordon's new 2014 single, co-written and sung by Grammy-Award winning artist Melissa Manchester, is a dance song that was remixed by Mike Rizzo and Mig, the hitmaking team who also remixed recent singles by Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, Adele, Justin Timberlake, and Britney Spears.

The song debuted at #1 on the "Kings of Spins" chart - a radio chart which compiles the top-rated dance/remix tracks based on radio programmers' reactions to the songs. The record was released on Dauman Music, a top dance label that has had top 10 hits on the Billboard dance charts and the UK pop and dance charts. The song is receiving club play and radio play in virtually every continent around the world. You can purchase the extended club mix or radio edit at the iTunes link below: